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Welcome to the home of EcigAndLiquid; we stock a wide range of premium electronic cigarettes, accessories and e liquid, in packages to make your life easier when you’ve chosen to make the move to E-Cigs.
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We knew you’d love our products and return for your next purchase; you’ll be pleased to know that we’re still offering free delivery and great products! Login using the box in the left hand column to review your previous purchases and re-order.
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Many of you may be looking to E-Cigs as a safer, more cost effective alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes; others may be looking for a way out of being treated like the devil incarnate for simply being a smoker. So whether you’re looking for a safer alternative to smoking, or are simply a little tired of being treated like a social pariah, E-Cigs are a perfect option.

Be healthier; keep more money in your pocket and get free delivery on all of our items…
What’s not to like?
The well known benefits of E-Cigs
  • Smoke free, Ash free, Smell Free!
  • Replicates traditional smoking,
  • Varying nicotine levels to suit you - including nicotine free,
  • Easy to use,
  • 1 Cartridge lasts for around 250 puffs,
  • Propylene glycol-free, which is the toxin found in 80% of other E-Cigs (Canada Vapes, 2010); medical professionals have a concern that this substance could be detrimental to a person’s respiratory system (MNT, 2012).
The lesser known (and some slightly bizarre) benefits of E-Cigs
  • They may help you stay married! Smokers are more likely by 53% to divorce than non-smokers (MentalFloss, 2012); presumably part of this is to do with the crazy price of cigarettes today and the strain they can have on your finances.
  • You won’t be lining the pockets of the Government
    77% of the price on your cigarette’s are solely for taxation (TMA, 2013); that’s £6.17 for every £7.98 packet sold, which leads us onto our next point…
  • You won’t have to hear about the misguided opinion that smokers are a drain on the NHS. It’s estimated that smoking related diseases cost the NHS £3 billion per year; and the estimation of smokers’ contributions per year? £9 billion! (BBC, 2008).
Why us?
We’ve gone to great lengths to search out the best quality vaping equipment for your enjoyment; our products ensure that you get that 100% quality taste and 'cigarette' feel. We only use, and will only ever use, UK e liquid and electronic cigarettes that have been tested and meet current government legislation.  We point blank refuse to put profits over the health of our customers by using cheap Chinese liquid, which can potentially be as harmful as real cigarettes.
So order your product, sit back, relax and enjoy vaping away all day!

Our history
We created EcigAndLiquid from personal expeirnece of using various high quality vaping products to make superior kits; so impressed were we with what we created, we  decided to spread the word and start selling them on to others.
We spent day and night to find the best e liquid, but we struggled to find a good supplier with the quality that vapers deserve; a few months of early mornings, late nights and copious amounts of caffeine later, and we realised that we’d become E-Cigs experts! We knew who, what, when and where; and so we set up in our very own corner of the internet. Six months later we are now the largest retailer in the area, offering excellent customer service, wholesale capabilities, saving peoples lives and helping people take back the control of their lives by freeing themselves from nicotine slavery! The rest, as they say, is history. copyright 2013

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